OT: everyone's favorite woman (was 'let's get it on)

Thu Feb 13 19:55:11 PST 2003

>Why would we take the trouble to make fun of you when you've done such a 
>*stellar* job of making fun of yourself???  Really, you've covered the 
>ground so well we wouldn't know where to begin!  ;^)

Why thank you! Well, I should note that between me and Chris Olsen making 
fun of me *it has* been done effectively. :)

However, this aside, my Mother had said to me on several occasions "If you 
are going to talk smack, you had better be ready to back up what you speak." 
My mother was a very wise woman and knew more about life than anyone I have 
ever met.

Now I have talked a lot of "smack" these past few days, and so in an effort 
to back-up what I have said and make clear that I *am not* some guyie-girl 
with a big mouth tooting my own horn, (but rather I am an egotistical 
smart-mouthed little twit who is talking a whole lot), I respectively submit 
the following link where I uploaded a picture (that *is not* a bondage shot 
or anything like it; I'll leave that to the imagination) that the SO took.

This is bound to just dig me further and deeper into the hole I have created 
for myself and will embarrass me more ... but I'm having fun with this so 
what the hell :D

Please note (remember I am an introvert, this means that I have to type 
these disclaimers or I won't feel comfortable):
A) I have now typed on *several* occasions that I am not perfect.
B) I have also typed on more than one occasion that I am strange.
C) I have also typed that I am a smart-mouthed pompous little twit,
   that "rolls with the boys", which should give you an idea that I am
   not some girly-girl that pretties herself up either. :)

And yes, Chris, now not only have I sunken to my all time low (you knew I 
could right? Am I still winning?) but everyone on this message board now 
knows more about me than the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice combined....

I keeping having "Venus in Fur" going through my head with this 
conversation, heeheehee, so much fun, anyway:


No school tonight, maybe no work tomorrow, off to the liquor store ...  
"Pocahontas, Tequila and me" =)

I think I'll stop tripping now :)

For those throughly annoyed with my antics *looks at the author and a few 
other people who I know must be annoyed by now*, promise next time to be on 
topic... I hope :P

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