The LKH thing

Fri Feb 14 08:45:33 PST 2003

I do not believe that the series is doomed, nor do I mind personal 
growth and conflict, however the part that is driving me nuts is that 
there is no resolution to the conflict--  plus in nic the sex was 
really a little to much as far as I am concerned.  I mean I like the 
sex scenes in the earlier books, however NIC I just did not enjoy 
after the first three chapters.  BUT, I will buy the next book.


>BTW: Does anyone have numbers to back up the 'she's lost a lot of readers
>over this' or are we waiting for the next book to actually see? I've heard
>it, but I've heard darn near as many people say that they really like her
>books still and it also seems that alot of people are picking them up now
>when they hadn't before.