The LKM thing

Fri Feb 14 08:51:47 PST 2003

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, David Rodemaker wrote:
> BTW: Does anyone have numbers to back up the 'she's lost a lot of readers
> over this' or are we waiting for the next book to actually see? I've heard
> it, but I've heard darn near as many people say that they really like her
> books still and it also seems that alot of people are picking them up now
> when they hadn't before.

Well, my figures wouldn't exactly be universal or sound like all that
much, but just in the friends that I have, 40% have said they're not going
to read her next book and another 20 or 30% have said they're hesitant or
will use the next book to decide whether it's worth continuing with.  This
is probably out of a friend pool of 50 or 60.  So like I said, not that
much, but I do have some numbers.


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