OT: everyone's favorite woman (was 'let's get it on)

Fri Feb 14 10:15:46 PST 2003

>>I wrote:
>>This is bound to just dig me further and deeper into the hole I have 
>>created for myself and will embarrass me more
>Steven Brust wrote:
>Why should it do that?
>Of course, you will look me up next time you're in Las Vegas and feel like 
>being tied up, will you not?

Well... But!!!! I usually like to do the tying up, I thought I made that 
*perfectly* clear....Though...I might need some tying up in the near future 
:) tee hee hee, if nothing else I'll need to be  put in my place for these 
postings... :P

So, are you available? Of course, I will first have to see your 
references... *smirk*

*giggles her head off and rolls her eyes*

(What did you not expect a smart-ass reply?)

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