The LKH thing

Fri Feb 14 12:59:52 PST 2003

>My wife's rather interesting comment on the whole discussion was along the
>lines of how many of the lost readers are men (and women), who hate the fact
>that Anita is moving away from a strong character who nontheless relies upon
>the even stronger men in her life to protect her and is sexually insecure to
>becoming an even stronger character who is sexually confident and treats the
>men in her life the way most men treat women *and* who is rapidly becoming
>somebody who is truely an equal of the men in her life (if not more

the fact that she is strong character and dosen't need to rely on 
anyone doesn't bother me either--it is just that the power of the 
month club seems to be a cheap plot device to rather than a true out 
growth of the plot.  I t just  make the books seem ad hoc.

>We all know it's all right for men to have harems, but for women to have
>(what her writing group evidently calls) hisims just doesn't go over well.

I like the merry books and she has a harem--I like the sex in merry-- 
ithink it is just the whole angst and sex thing in the anita books 
that is really annnnnoying me. Plus richard is just heading for 
serious trouble.