The LKH thing

Sat Feb 15 05:36:06 PST 2003

> Possibly a readership change. I remember when David Eddings' first 
> series
> came out (Belgariad) and I enjoyed it. The second series came out 
> (Malorian)
> and I thought I was merely a rehash of the first book but I made 
> allowance
> because part of the plot was about history repeating itself. Then I 
> read the
> Ellenium and gave up. Same characters just different names and 
> locations.
> Nothing new.

The first series is excellent and I always recommend it. The second 
series just made me give up. besides the repeating plot, how is it that 
rulers of nations can just give everything up to go on a continent 
spanning quest?

I did try others of his books but like you said: same plot, different