Fw: Sethra on Iraq

Sun Feb 16 09:29:42 PST 2003

> Subject: Sethra on Iraq
> >I can't believe no one has started this topic yet, and as much as I hate
> >to do it I can't let it go any further. Doesn't anyone see
> >anything...well, ironic in comparing Sethra Lavode's lessons on war to
> >our current political situation? Remember the bit about "It's not the
> >aggressor who starts the war, it's the defender"? Yeah. I agree with
> >Vlad, I couldn't quite see that either.
> >Rachel
>     I thought the comment from Sethra was pretty obvious, though
> once it was pointed out. An obvious example was Hitler's walk through
> Europe. He annexed countries at will and no war started until someone
> decided they did not want to be annexed. The point being you cannot have a
> battle until someone decides to oppose the agressor. How this relates to
> Iraq is a little more confusing. In the gulf war it was convienient to
> Iraq as the agressor and the US as the defender acting on behalf of
> I find it more than a little confusing at this point in trying to
> who the agressor and the defender are.
> Ian