SPOILER for _Dragon_...what's up with Vlad, again?

Mon Feb 17 00:40:05 PST 2003

K Kuhn wrote:

> If a sorcerous technique can be used to 'regain past memories', are
> there also sorcerous techniques that can be used to implant false
> memories and convince the person involved that they're correct?   We
> know the gods meddle, and Sethra is known to help out the gods on
> occasion........

I seem to recall in the discussion about getting 'Mr. stole the Jhereg
treasury' to leave castle black ahead of his plan going something like:
suggesting they implant the idea that it was a good idea to leave and it
being voted as being something that Morrolan would mind.

This to me suggests that it is in fact possible to implant false knowledge
into someone.

Also for some reason IIRC Vlad has had his memories tampered with, it's late
and I'm AFB (they are on the shelf in the other room :P)


> On the other hand, if the gods judge souls, maybe Sethra just can get
> a soul-reading analysis from the god who does that.

Were you suggesting implanting false knowlede into a soul?