Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Mon Feb 17 09:04:03 PST 2003

>And there's Jordan's Wheel of Time, which has also come up. This is what
>happens when you take a four-book series and stretch it out to three times
>that length. With sniffling and much adjusting of necklines.

In an act of extreme masochism, I just finished the latest book and, once 
again, VIRTUALLY NOTHING HAPPENED.  What's interesting is going to Amazon 
and reading the five star reviews.  Almost uniformly they either assert that 
it's a masterful "build up" of Great Things to Come (tm) and/or that 
everyone who complained is a whiner and a lousy reader who has been spoilt 
by our culture of instant gratification.

I particularly love the reviews that contend that it's all about character 
development.  I think of authors like Gene Wolfe who could fit twenty times 
as much character development into fifty pages.

Okay... deep breaths.

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