Literary Disappointments (was: The LKH thing)

Tue Feb 18 03:50:02 PST 2003

From: "Jot Powers" <books at bofh.com>
> > >books. Given that after its success he's probably less subject to
> > >editing than before, I have little interest in plowing through the
> > >verbal underbrush for 'Otherland'.
> >
> > Given Tad Williams' knack for Talking I wouldn't touch Otherland either.
> I stand by my assertion that he is the modern day Tolstoy.  Able
> to say in 2000 pages what takes others 200 pages.

I got given all three Otherland books as promos. I've read the first but
could never be bothered starting on the next two.

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