LiveJournals anyone?

Tue Feb 18 15:01:50 PST 2003

Matthew Hunter <matthew at infodancer.org> successfully creeped out MJ 
when he wrote the following:

>> On the subject of LiveJournals -
>> I find it disgraceful that there aren't more people with 
>> daymar" as an interest.  And only //seven// people with 
>> glomping the living daylights out of kragar"!
>> I'm almost afraid to look for "daymar-snuggling."
>I find your obsession with glomping... disturbing.  
>*hiss* *wheeze*

!  It's not _my_ fault!  It's SKZB's, for bringing Daymar-of-much-
glompability to our attention!  I mean, LOOK at Daymar!  _You_ want 
to cuddle him, too!  Don't deny it!  

...  As for being obsessed with glomping in general, guilty as 
charged.  There seems to be that much more zest to life when one's 
circle of acquaintances lives in fear of having an armful of MJ 
suddenly flung at them, squealing "YAY, HI!"  It's most refreshing, 
the terror and dread on their faces as they scurry around, KNOWING 
that they will be enthusiastically snuggled as soon as I spy 

glomp-sniper at large