An amusing notion about Vlad & Kiera.

Wed Feb 19 01:10:15 PST 2003

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

(accidentally misordered to agree more with me)

> On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Philip Hart wrote:
> I think it's because they are so close that Loiosh's comments are
> capable of being embarrassing.  They've shared each others' brains
> (and sometimes I think that might be a literal explanation of the
> witch-familiar bond) for so long that certain types of remarks are all
> the more likely to hit a sensitive area.

I think viewing V-L as a joint mind reinforces my (wrong) interpretation
of the embarrassment.  I know my failings/weaknesses/venalities but I'm
not internally embarrassed about them.  As a side note my dictionary
emphasizes the "hindered" sense of "embarrassed" and barely mentions
what I would call the main sense - "awareness of publicly scratching
one's crotch".

> Well, I suppose it's that, more often than not, now that I think about
> it.  Vlad probably has more reason to feel annoyed more often than
> embarrassed, although he seems to have a good poker face most of the
> time.

Re Vlad's poker (what's the game with Fire and Water cards from _PG_?)
face, in _Orca_ he's spent years away from people, esp. the last one,
and has presumably lost some of his guardedness.