An amusing notion about Vlad & Kiera.

Wed Feb 19 11:02:35 PST 2003

[Great big implied spoilers for _Orca_.]

David Silberstein wrote:
[quoting Philip Hart:]
>> Just to further expound on my misinterpretation
>> there, I was thinking that Kiera had made a move on
>> Vlad at some point (in Jhereg we see them smooch a
>> little I think)
> I note a certain subtle character mismatch between
> the Kiera of "Jhereg" and the Kiera of "Orca" - in
> "Orca", Kiera seems to me to be too distant 
> and self-controlled to do something so uninhibited
> as that earlier smooch.  Although maybe Vlad was 
> being unreliable about that kiss.

Well, that may be in part because in _Orca_ we are
hearing about Kiera from Kiera's point of view, and
also because Kiera's story is framed as a conversation
with Cawti.  If at any time, past or present, Kiera
might have regarded Vlad with more than sisterly
warmth (which I sort of doubt to begin with, though if
Aliera's comments from Jhereg are at all reliable we
can't rule out something between Sethra and Dolivar),
she surely wouldn't tell Cawti about it.

Then again, it has never been entirely clear to me
whom Kiera is addressing in _Orca_ when she tells her
story.  It isn't Vlad, and if anyone, it seems like
Cawti; but there are parts left in that she clearly
left out when she spoke to Cawti, and so maybe the
version we hear would not necessarily have been shaded
to preserve Cawti's sensibilities.  This is the sort
of thing that makes me wonder where, if anywhere, SKZB
is taking the idea that Vlad's words as we read them
are actually spoken to a recording device.  My hunch
is that it is a stylistic conceit that will never
figure significantly in the plot, but I could well be

-- Greg

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