Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

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> Gaertk at aol.com wondered aloud to the group:
>> Of course, I think that whole book was just a scheme by
>> Sethra (or Verra) to put M&A in Vlad's debt.
> And yet it seems overly convoluted to me, especially since 
> Sethra had no way of *knowing* that Vlad would be able to 
> teleport the goddess blood and help Morrolan live. 

Morrolan was never intended to go to the Paths.

> And what does that debt achieve?

The friendship between Vlad and Morrolan has been very
beneficial to them (and to Sethra and others).

> Aliera would have been in Vlad's debt, but sacrificing 
> Morrolan to achieve that goal seems pointless.

See above.

> No, I think at least at that level, the straightforward 
> explanations make more sense.  Sethra and Morrolan needed 
> to get Aliera-in-staff and then get her out of that staff, 
> ASAP (perhaps Aliera would have presumably been lost if she 
> was not extracted fast). 

Why?  Aliera spent a quarter millenium in a field, then 
another quarter millenium in a staff, but suddenly Sethra 
can't wait a few weeks to take care of the Jenoine?

[Note: Sethra never said why she couldn't leave.  Vlad (and
most readers) assume it was the Jenoine incident (which isn't
talked about much either).]