Speaking of Vlad and Kiera (mild POTD spoiler)

Wed Feb 19 17:22:37 PST 2003

> But I don't think Sethra would have deliberately
> engineered events to send Vlad to the Paths of the
> Dead, unless, possibly, all of the talk about Vlad
> being unable to return if he fell asleep was a bluff.

I believe Sethra says they had sending Vlad to the Pattern
sorry the Paths in mind from the beginning.

I don't think she would hesitate to send Vlad on a suicide
mission, esp. to rescue Aliera (Vlad says she's doing something
like that at the start of _Issola_, in paperback and hence not
spoilered unless people object).

> Can anyone make sense of Kiera's subsequent comment,
> in _Orca_ I think it was, that Verra had said it was

I'm almost sure the comment was in _Taltos_.

> important for Vlad to have the vial (consistent with
> the theory above); and Verra herself didn't know why
> (very difficult to explain)?
> A flat lie (by Verra, or Kiera)?  Or could it be
> something stranger?

The heart has its reasons that the reason doesn't know (Pascal?)
I know plenty of things without knowing why - the vast majority,
likely.  The idea that we know what's going on in our own heads is
just wrong IMHO.  For a being of the sophistication of Verra
(three-way split personality, can be in multiple places at once [on
the subject Michael Swanwick has an interesting scene of a character
splitting into avatars in _Stations of the Tide_], god-like intelligence
[well...]) this inaccessibility should be much worse.