Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Thu Feb 20 10:10:31 PST 2003

>Well, we know that Dragaeran third-person
>singular pronouns are sometimes non-gender-specific -- that is, there's
>a word that means "he or she" -- and I noticed that the passage in FHYA
>is unambiguous about their sexes, but the other one is vague, and I
>suggested that Brust-the-translator had to guess in the latter case and
>guessed wrong. Steve liked that so much he made it the official
>explanation. So we can't rely on the gender of an English pronoun.

On the point of non-gender specific language:

When translating something for me, my grandfather told me that Hungarian is 
not gender specific as English is, and this makes translation difficult at 
times (obviously he was translating something gender specific for me). He 
said that in general the pronouns of he and she, masculine vs. feminine, are 
non-specific and pretty much nonexistent. I have *extreme* difficulties with 
foreign language and thus I am not clear on what he meant by this, therefore 
I will let David Silberstein, as he seems to be excellent with languages, or 
someone else explain this. I am simply beyond reproach or repair in my 
inability to learn foreign tongues, and though I understand it in theory, I 
don't *truly* understand what he meant to the point I could put it into 
simple thought.

However, Mark, your comment reminded me of what he said, and it does sort of 
correspond with what we know about the non-gender specific narration taking 
place in FYA and SKZB's books at large. Though the Mr. Brust may be writing 
in English, perhaps he is literally trying to write as one translating 
Hungarian/Fennarian/Dragaerean-Dragaeran(sp?). I know it's a long shot and I 
am totally speculating and emmm, well rambling in my contemplations wherein 
I have strange thoughts that do not make any sense(I will probably change my 
mind within the hour), but I thought I would share this ramble while it was 
rattling and bouncing around in my brain. :)



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