Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Thu Feb 20 13:26:09 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Greg Rapawy wrote:

> I was a little disappointed by _Issola_, as there are parts of it that
> read as though the author had been, despite his best efforts, reduced to
> simple exposition.  Thus Vlad's uncharacteristic (and acknowledged as
> such) demand for background from Sethra, and her uncharacteristic
> response; compare that with his conversation with Aliera in _Jhereg_,
> much earlier in the author's development, which seems to arise much more
> naturally from the interaction of the two characters.

That conversation seemed fine to me - demanded by the exigency of the
situation.  My problems with _I_ (which I nevertheless enjoyed) concerned
the Universal Plot Generator of the Inscrutable Jenoine, who act like
Yendis who can't remember their own plots; the description of the
apocalyptic battle and all the associated head-shaking (Aliera, the
dragon, the Necromancer); and the sudden elevation in Vlad's power,
which I'm afraid will make the future plot less interesting.

> I would be pleased to be rebutted if someone can show
> me why that scene works perfectly, of course.  (And I
> might add that this particular objection has not
> changed SKZB's status as the current sole occupant of
> my buy-in-hardcover list.)
> -- Greg
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