Dragaera and Shakespeare

Thu Feb 20 13:36:17 PST 2003

> Anyway, I'm not too up on my Shakespeare, but maybe this list would enjoy
> playing "What House are Shakespearean characters from" (in case this isn't
> the nth time it was suggested).  For example, Iago is a Yendi, Othello a
> Dzur, Perdita an Issola; maybe Hamlet's a Tiassa, Macbeth a Jhereg,
> Macduff a Phoenix (mystic birth circumstances), Hermione also a Phoenix
> (mystic rebirth)...

I don't think Macbeth is a Jhereg, I think he's a Dragon.  The play is a
cautionary tale about what happens when a Dragon lets ambition for the
trappings of honor overwhelm his scruples about the actuality of it.


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