Dragaera and Shakespeare

Thu Feb 20 14:26:55 PST 2003

>I don't think Macbeth is a Jhereg, I think he's a Dragon.  The play is a 
>cautionary tale about what happens when a Dragon lets ambition for the 
>trappings of honor overwhelm his scruples about the actuality of >it.

Very small FYA spoiler that is frankly mentioned in Vlad books but should be 
brought to the attention of anyone reading this just in case they haven't 
read FYA. Oh yeah, there are also Macbeth spoilers (though I don't think 
there's too much a requirement to mention spoilers 500 years after the works 
were written):

But would a Dragon allow himself to be manipulated and ruled by his wife 
(remember Lady Macbeth = huge, huge, huge part of what motivates Macbeth 
into making the choices he makes)? By the premonition of oracles? Would a 
Dragon feel such intense guilt over his accumulation of power and the manner 
he seized it that it would drive him mad? And, would a Dragon act in such an 
ignoble, dishonorable manner that he would kill his own king in order to 
seize power (Oh, yeah, FYA, Adron and Aliera emmm, strike that)?

I don't know, I'm just asking and speaking/typing aloud of course. :)

On the note of Jhereg, one also has to remember that Macbeth is genuinely 
good, he is deceived and manipulated and has a weak heart and mind to the 
point that he acts without thinking, reasoning or question. He convinces 
himself that what he is doing is right even though he understands this not 
to be the case (or at least that's how I have read Macbeth the several times 
I've read it). After acting in manners his conscience disagrees with, his 
mind cannot handle the deeds he has consummated and he is driven to 
incompetence... hummm, rethinking this, maybe he's a Dragon after all :)

Okay, well, here's another question:

If, Macbeth is a Dragon, what is Lady Macbeth? I would think she might be a 
Jhereg (manipulative, deceiving, murderous, power and wealth hungry --  "but 
look you only need to this, and you My Lord will be king. Allow me to use my 
feminine wiles on you in an effort to convince you. I know, let us throw a 
party." ~ paraphrasing of course) but then there's the guilt thing again, 
she also goes insane because of her "unclean hands".

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