Dragaera and Shakespeare

Thu Feb 20 16:36:09 PST 2003

Aside - many of my favorite SF authors are interested in theater -
SKZB (Vlad, anyway), Wolfe (Dr. Talos's troupe, one of his Liavek
stories), Austen (_Mansfield Park_), John M. Ford (_Casting Fortune_
and _Growing Up Weightless_).

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Andrew Lias wrote:

> >>Chris (Who, as an actor, has NO problem mentioning Macbeth in a
> >>theater house, and gets a certain morbid pleasure out of it....:)
> >
> >Is that some sort of acting faux pas?
> More of a superstition.  The idea is that the play is cursed and that, to
> name it, is to bring bad luck upon the production.  It should, instead, be
> referred to as "The Scottish Play".
> It's much like the way that actors say "break a leg" before performances to
> avoid jinxing an actor (apparently, wishing one good luck is bad luck and
> vice versa -- go figure).
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