Dragaera and Shakespeare

Thu Feb 20 16:37:42 PST 2003

>Oh, I don't know.  We're talking about a guy who sat
>and contemplated the purpose of being.  I'd say Tiassa.
>(Unless I'm forgetting my houses, in which case please
>use, for the flogging, a whip without little spikey bits
>at the end....)

Though it might be fun to flog Chris, I agree with him. Hamlet talked to 
himself and contemplated being, family, life, death, love, and what it means 
to be noble, honorable, etc. etc. etc. I also think in TPG (though I have 
probably interpreted this wrong) that Khaavrens narration does a parody on 
Hamlet (particularly Hamlets introductory narration during Hamlet/Ophelia's 
"famous" scene in Act III) when the friends are walking toward/leaving 
Redface(?)(can't remember at the moment) and Khaavern is thinking/talking to 
himself. If I am wrong about Mr. Brust's intentions with that scene (and I 
could find the passage later to explain my thinking, AFB right now) then I 
still think that passage in TPG is extremely reminiscent of this scene and 
Hamlet's contemplations on life, perhaps it was just not intended to be 
so...therefore, fellow strange one (Chris) ;) I have to agree, Tiassa.

So, what were Horatio? Ophelia?

~Holly~ @>-,'----- (who promises to become less serious this moment and is 
*attempting* to take part in this discussion to get in a better mood as this 
day has been dragging)

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