Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 21 13:53:05 PST 2003

> And Vlad has already figured out that what he became is not
> particularly good for him.  Yeah, he had success as a mobster, but
> it turned him into something that drove off the woman he loves.  In
> order to stop being what he was, he willingly put his neck into a
> noose that it remains in to this very day.  

I didn't get that from Phoenix.  What I got was that, to get out
of the mess that he seemed to get into in Teckla (and that went from
there into Phoenix) he did what he had to do to make sure Cawti was
safe.  If that meant pissing the Jhereg off, well, screw it.

I don't believe he did what he did to get out of being an assassin,
but to save his crazy, revolutionary wife from being locked in 
prison or killed by his Organization buddies.

> I believe he now *hates*
> what Sethra manipulated him into being.  I believe that he'd give
> up "wealth, professional success, material resources, and powerful
> allies" at the drop of a hat if he could live quietly with Cawti.
> Unfortunately, the price of repudiating the former has made the
> latter almost impossible.

I don't know.  If he really felt that way, I think he would have
said something to Sethra about it.  He's shown us in the past that
he doesn't care about his own life when he gets pissed off.  Hell, he
joined an army because someone had him beat up in his home.  I belive
he's said on more than one occasion that his life "isn't worth that much".

> But of course, that's all just my opinion about an uncompleted set
> of stories.  Until it all comes out in the end, I think we're going
> to have to agree to disagree.

This, I agree, is true.  We won't know for sure until the story gets
played out.  <sigh>

> But (hey Brust, wake up -- I want you to make a note of this
> one) I'm willing to bet one beer that by the end of Vlads life,
> Sethra (as she is dying or returning to the rock of Dzur Mountain
> or assuming a long-delayed godhood or just standing over his grave)
> turns to Vlad and apologizes to Vlad for using him as she has.  But
> she'll also be pretty clear that given the needs that drove her,
> she would do it again.

Hmm... would she really apologize to him?  She doesn't seem the type
to apologize for something that she felt was required.

> Damn, how many years before we get to the end of this series, anyway?
> I hope you're taking good care of yourself, Steve.

Yeah!  'Nuff said.