Unfamiliar familiars?

Sat Feb 22 10:58:09 PST 2003

S Lumley / s piotto wrote:
> Ok, there's Loiosh... and Rocza....
> And that's about it.
> Why don't we ever see any of the other Easterners in the books with familiars? 

I could be wrong but I always assumed Noish Pa's cat was his familiar. 
And I am fairly sure Vlad bugs Morrolan about getting a familier in one 
of the books and the strong implication given is that Blackwand is his 
The impression I got was that you only needed a familier when you got a 
to particular stage/ability level and then they became useful helping 
you manage the energy etc. Probably there is a large amount of 
superstition, some of it deriving from or maybe even being low level 
witchcraft, among the Easterners but I doubt there are very many 
competant witches and I can't see many of them taking more than a few 
apprentices at the most (maybe keeping it in the family - it strikes me 
as a very one-one teaching process). Since witchcraft is a skill you 
need to learn rather than something you get automatically I suspect few 
people really have the time to waste when they could be earning money to 
feed their families.