Concerning Sethra

Mon Feb 24 08:45:23 PST 2003

Casey Rousseau wondered aloud:
 >Dr. Elmo wrote:
 >> [1] At least, I would be fairly surprised if Dragons would let a
 >> non-Dragon be their general, regardless of how good she was.
 >There's a bit in _Yendi_ where Vlad talks about the office of Warlord.  In
 >this I believe there is a mention that the position is at least usually held
 >by a Dragon, but I seem to recall that it was not exclusive.

Athyra sorcerers for an Athyra emperor, was it not?  Or am I thinking of 
the Athyra Guard? [1]

WRT Sethra, I was more thinking of her acting as Morrolan's general.  She's 
not eligible for Warlord because of the ban on undead serving in imperial 

[1] I dislike even typing the word "Athyra".  
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