Speaking of Vlad and Kiera

Mon Feb 24 10:46:17 PST 2003

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Philip Hart wrote:

@> > > If one assume that Sethra is telling a minimal truth in her reply,
@> > > all we've really found out is that whoever gave the vial to Sethra
@> > > (as Sethra?  or as Kiera?) was female.  We don't even know if the
@> > > giver of the vial was the donor of the blood.  Given who Aliera
@> > > really is, it's quite possible that the blood is Alieras or Deveras.
@> > I had not considered Aleira. Interesting thought; however, being the
@> > offspring of a god(dess) does not necessarily make one a god.
@> I asked why Vlad couldn't have given Aliera's blood to Morrolan perhaps a
@> month ago - I think the counterargument was that Aliera's blood qualifies
@> her to leave but, uhh, sorry, I forget what it was (how does one look up
@> past posts?) and otherwise _Taltos_ wouldn't make sense.

Might just be that Aliera didn't consider transfusing her blood into
Morrolan. Remember, when sorcery is used for everything, including
medicine, stuff like blood transfusion becomes much less important. Vlad
did think of transfusion, but I don't believe he was aware that she was
goddess-spawn at that point. (AFB at the moment, can't check.) So,
basically, if everybody had clued Vlad in to what was going on, he
wouldn't have had to almost kill himself inventing his summoning 
ritual. (Thus beginning the long-running trend of Vlad almost getting
killed because he doesn't know what's going on, except when he's almost
getting killed because he knows exactly what's going on.)