God's rocks (was: Re: Good books generally)

circadian rhyme rone at ennui.org
Tue Feb 25 09:42:29 PST 2003

Philip Hart writes:
  I would say it's ironic that prescriptivists say that the way a large
  majority of people use the word "irony" is wrong, but I'm not a

This is still making me giggle.
  It's not clear to me what Rone was being - I didn't think he was ignorant
  of the quote, though, hence the irony of Mark's earnest instruction.

While not ignorant of the quote, i wasn't thinking of it when i made
my witty rejoinder.

  If Rone was playing ignorant to make a point, his statement comes under
  the definition of Socratic irony.  (Incidentally I think it's ironic or
  "ironic" that Socrates attacked the sophists but relied on sophistic,
  straw-man arguments to make his case.  Anyway that's how it seemed to me
  back when I tried to read the "Dialogues".)
The only irony is that i wasn't being ironic, i think.

Which reminds me of a very short piece i wrote many years ago,
entitled "Infinite Loop":

    "Were you being sarcastic just now?"

"Alan Alda's all we are."
	- Kurt Cobain