Concerning Sethra

Tue Feb 25 11:56:44 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 13:36, Casey Rousseau wrote:
> Dr. Elmo wrote:
> > Athyra sorcerers for an Athyra emperor, was it not?  Or am I thinking of
> > the Athyra Guard? [1]
> I'm fairly sure that was wrt the Guard.  Probably early in _tPG_.
> > WRT Sethra, I was more thinking of her acting as Morrolan's
> > general.  She's not eligible for Warlord because of the ban
> > on undead serving in imperial roles.
> Given that it was explicitly mentioned that Sethra has been Warlord several
> times, it seemed to me like, that was either a) a recent[1] restriction
> (?ca. the Lavode scandal?) or b) one that only became an issue relatively
> recently (i.e. either S. recently became undead or it was only recently
> revealed that she is in fact undead).  I cannot recall where this is
> discussed, but it is a fairly strong recollection otherwise.

I understood that Sethra lived an extrodinarily long life even before
she became undead, and thus was able to be warlord several times during
that life.  Actually, I'm pretty certain that Paarfi says almost exactly
that, most likely in FHYA.