Concerning Sethra

Tue Feb 25 13:05:26 PST 2003

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Alexx S Kay wrote:

> Option B is the case.  Sethra was still alive during the Fourteenth
> Cycle, but by the time of the Lavode Scandal had been dead for "hundreds
> of years", so that brackets the possible time of her death.  (Both of
> these data points come from Paarfi, page 98 of FHYA.)

I can't prove it but I'd call these, not "data" points, but "wild
speculation on the part of Paarfi" points.  In particular, whatever test
that Paarfi is relying on to indicate Sethra being alive during the 14th
C. seems likely to something she could have circumvented.  Though I assume
she's susceptible to Dark Water - maybe that's how the Lavode Scandal
arose.  Maybe some emperor got worried about vampires and started wearing
a vial of the stuff.