Unfamiliar familiars?

Wed Feb 26 08:59:48 PST 2003

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> Vlad has done a couple that are sorta like that.  IIRC, once 
> or twice he's used a dagger with that's been sorcerously 
> charmed[0] to perform witchcraft.  And I also seem to recall 

That doesn't mean the dagger's "sorcery" impacted the witchcraft.   He
may have chosen it simply because it was a high-quality dagger. :)

> in one of the books he's about to do a teleport and draws a 
> witchcraft diagram or something like that with a knife.  
> Kragar tells him its not needed, and he responds that it 
> makes it easier.

But not in the sense that the witchcraft is assisting the sorcery.  It's
more that it makes it easier for Vlad to perform the sorcery.  Like the
various mnemonics we use to remember hard to remember items.

The only genuine hybridization I recall, and I've never been clear on
the actual details, is the trick Daymar and Vlad used to find Mellar.
And that was in "two steps", so I'm not sure if it counts. :)

Come to think of it, I've wondered if what Daymar does in regards to
psionics is a separate thing from sorcery, perhaps it's own thing, or
closer to witchcraft than sorcery.
> [0] I'm sure that's the wrong word, I just can't remember the 
> right one.

Hmm. Bespelled? Enchanted? Not sure either. :) Mark? :)