Orca, Banks (was: God's rocks)

Wed Feb 26 09:57:41 PST 2003

On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Gomi no Sensei wrote:

@> > (I always took Orca as an indictment of banking and bankers specifically,
@> > rather than just money in general, but maybe I'm reading too much into it.)
@> That's an...interesting...interpretation of the text, to say the least
@> It appeared to me at the time (and still does) that the banks and system
@> of trade were _crucial_ to the smooth functioning of the Empire, and the
@> indictment was of the sort of fraudulent shenanigans Fyres pulled off,
@> because they monkeywrenched that smooth functioning. Saying that a
@> financial crisis induced by fraud is an indictment of the whole concept
@> of banking seems kind of, well, projection of personal beliefs onto the
@> text.

Could be, could be. Although I don't actually believe that banks are evil,
so probably not. Looking back at the events of the book, I'm not sure why
I believed this, but I'm sure there's a good reason. Guess I'll have to
re-read it.