Revolution and Marxism, Teckla and Phoenix

Wed Feb 26 11:13:51 PST 2003

>That certainly made for an interesting read.  I think I might've learned 
>some things. :)


>I second that... My education barely touched Communism (I'm not exactly 
>sure why), so a lot of the stuff Holly wrote was news to me. As an aside, 
>my SO asked me to pass on to "Comrade Brust" (her little joke) a tidbit 
>from the Economist, wherein they profile Hernando de Soto, a Peruvian 
>economist whose dogs he named Marx and Engels because "they are German, 
>hairy, and have no respect for property."

Oh, oh, oh, thank you but, as my suspicions were and like I said, and now 
Mr. Brust has confirmed and the SO will be told the next time we debate and 
he tries to tell me what *he* thinks of my ideology :) *laughs and grins 
wickedly*, my understanding of all of this is almost completely wrong. So, 
don't try to learn anything from my statements, it will just confuse the 
issue if you find it interesting and try to understand and study it 

~Holly~ @>-',---- (who goes skipping away from the computer dazed and 
smiling with lovely thoughts in her mind.)

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