Revolution and Marxism, Teckla and Phoenix

Thu Feb 27 11:23:12 PST 2003

Thank you, but emmm, read Steve's reply...

Also it should be noted that I had some *MAJOR* (can't express this word 
enough) reasoning problems in my arguments, mechanical problems in my 
writing, ideology and history problems, etc. etc. etc. where I basically 
clouded the issue and mixed and combined vital issues of Marx's thought into 
finite elements to come to conclusions which were not sound, consequently 
any resulting conclusion was also not sound. I should have sat down and 
reviewed my notes before writing. *gulp* *eep* In other words, though the 
information for my argument is there, my argument needs to be revised, but I 
don't have the desire to do it right at this minute.

But :) Thank you nonetheless.

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