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Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) RuhlenR at missouri.edu
Thu Feb 27 15:41:53 PST 2003

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This & previous messages to which I will reply concerned the use of
certain techno-abbreviations considered to be ill-mannered or moronic by
some on this list.

Here is my reply. Remember that long involved discussion about languages
a couple months ago? That focused on spoken languages but I think the
same holds true for written language. Language is used to communicate,
but it is also used to identify ourselves. Groups of people who feel
different than the ruling class take pride in their own language,
despite it being considered ungrammatical or improper (by the ruling
class). I speculate that those who use the pager-abbreviations are
predominantly 13-22 years old, a time when kids try out several
"identities" (aka, rebel against the parents).

> willing to take blame for my lack of perfect pitch or my 
> strongly negative sense of direction. My twelfth grade 

A strongly negative sense of direction. Does this mean you always know
when you're going the wrong way?