Subject Line question (was Re: Dragaera and Shakespeare [Spoiler for POTD])

Fri Feb 28 09:19:30 PST 2003

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, Paul Knappenberger wrote:
> On a related note, sorta, is it possible to change the standardized
> subject line for the group to include a global word? For instance, all
> subjects could begin with [Dragaera] or [Vlad], which would make filtering
> the mail easier...
> I read my mail in Pine. This account has existed for long enough that I'm
> prone to receiving roughly two hundred mail messages a day, of which 40%
> or so is junk and 60% is worth reading. I tend to sweep through my email
> looking only at subject lines, and if it's not a thread I recognize I tend
> to delete it. I don't want to miss out on these generally interesting
> conversations by accidentally deleting a whole thread by mistake.

I don't really care much about the concept, since nearly all of my other
mailing lists have some kind of note in the subject line about which list
it is (by default, not design, since most of them are YahooGroups), but
I'm wondering why you are unable to filter...  I use filters for all of my
mail and it works great, and I also use Pine.  Maybe it's the application
I use...I use Tera Term, and I just go into Setup from the main screen,
Rules, then Filters.  The simplest thing for me is just to put the address
of the list (dragaera at dragaera.info) into the Participant field, which
scans if any recipient or sender is the dragaera list.
Hope that helps.


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