theft and magic

Fri Feb 28 13:28:50 PST 2003

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Subject: theft and magic


> In Jhereg it turns
> out someone (maybe even Kiera?) stole an important book from Morrolan - it
> seems to me he ought to have been able to find it by sorcery or witchcraft
> unless there's some set of counterspells for fences...

It seems to me that a book or another inanimate object is much less unique
than say a person. I'd have to agree that it ought to be possible to track
an item like that, but also I think you'd have to do something preemptively
to that object.

On the flip I'd think witchcraft could do this natively. Since Morrolan used
the book his aura or presence is there at least a little and we know you can
track a weapon to its owner with witchcraft, this is different but similar

Also Morrolan would have to think of doing that, and care enough to take the
time to do so, IIRC that book was an illegal text (am I imagining that?) so
confronting whomever now had the book about it having been his may cause
'other' problems.