[OT] Most Promising New Author?

Fri Feb 28 17:34:25 PST 2003

From: GaertK at aol.com:
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>Time, David Goldfarb <goldfarb at OCF.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
>[Jo Walton's great novels]

As opposed to all of her terrible boring novels? :-)

>> According to Jo's LiveJournal,
>Link?  A quick Google turned up several other people's LJs
>mentioning her, but not her own.  And Jo's old website 
>( www.bluejo.demon.co.uk ) is disappearing fast.

Well, you can find her easily enough by going to groups.google
and finding her email address, and then going to LiveJournal
and searching on that, so I feel comfortable in posting this:

>> (Quoth she: "If they want me to write a sequel to Prize 
>> they can tell me so and give me some money.
>I'm surprised (borderline shocked) that Tor hasn't remedied 
>this yet.  Don't even bad sequels make money?  (Not that Jo
>would ever write a bad sequel.)

Tor's attitude seems to be that they publish authors rather
than books.  I.e., if Jo wants to write something different,
they won't push her to write in-series.

>She does seem to be at least thinking about it, since she 
>asked us on rasfw for title suggestions (and was surprised
>when we asked what the book was about).

True enough.

>> Meanwhile, I want to fiddle about with the edges of fantasy 
>> and perception.)
>What's wrong with doing both at the same time?

I get the impression that she finds it hard to work on more than
one book at a time.

>> The thing she's currently doing doesn't have a title yet so 
>> far as I know. 
>_Tooth and Claw_ is expected to be published this fall.  I
>don't know if that's what you're talking about here.  She
>described it as "a comedy of manners where all the characters
>are dragons" and I commented that I expect that description
>to match parts of _Lord of Castle Black_ as well.

No, no -- _Tooth and Claw_ is done and delivered.  (And is lots
of fun.)  This is an entirely new novel.

I might note that while many of the characters in _The Lord of Castle
Black_ will be Dragons, the characters in _Tooth and Claw_ will be
small-d dragons, with wings and scales and fiery breath.

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