Boredom Relief Through Conspiracy....

Sat Mar 1 02:39:15 PST 2003

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> So, in an attempt to make the day go by a wee bit
> quicker, I thought of another answer to the
> "Who is Mario?" question....
> See, I've been thinking.  We know that reincarnation
> of the soul works in odd ways in conjunction with genes,
> lineage, etc.  We know that souls can be eaten, placed
> into inanimate objects, held indefinatly by Great Weapons,
> put back into bodies, and hang around a dead body for a few
> days just to see if someone will come along and reanimate them
> back to life.  We know Mario was a Jhereg.  We know we've never
> seen the guy after Adron had his hissy-cow and blew up a city,
> no matter what we wish to infer from Aliera sitting in her room
> with a glow around her, having a cigarette and smiling dreamily.
> (Okay, so I can infer a great deal.:)
> But what do we really know about this guy?  Not a whole lot.  And
> I can't trust anything Steve says, because what would he know?  He
> only relates what Vlad and Paarfi tell him, right?  And we know Vlad
> and Paarfi are about as reliable as a Ford that's been left in
> the ocean for a few decades before having Kool-Aid put into the
> gas tank.  (Okay, bad analogy.  That might make a Ford run better.)

See the thing here is it's nice to think about Vlad/Parrfi/Steve as separate
entities but really it is Steve/Steve/Steve. Sometimes I get caught up with
that, the idea itself is entertaining so I go along with it.

Steve is reliable AFAIK and I think this shares very close to the no one
else's is anyone else scenario, you are after all suggesting that Loiosh is
aware he was Mario.

> See, I think, during the backlash of "Adron's Doh!", when Sethra was
> teleporting the Orb and Aliera and herself and Mario out of the Palace,
> Mario's soul, like Aliera's, went flying off into the stratosphere, all
> lost and alone.  Verra, feeling bad that her daughter's lover got done
> blown up, sent his soul skipping through various creatures until it finaly
> landed, as the egg was developing, into the leathery lap of Loiosh!

INSANE! An entertaining and creative notion however.

I think the real reason we've never seen Mario again is that he isn't
relevant to Vlad's experiences or in Parrfi's case irrelevant to his
histories (other than he is relevant to Aliera). Does Vlad even know Aliera
knows Mario? Does Parrfi even know Aliera knows Vlad?

The greater point in not being able to define Parrfi or Vlad as reliable is
that since the stories are affected by them our perception of the world is
skewed, it's almost as if the only 'canon to the universe' book is Brokedown

Steve has created a scenario of meta-interaction; he created characters that
appear capable of making mistakes not only in relevance to their world but
to ours. If they get something wrong we may get it wrong which makes them
seem to interact directly with us. This makes them seem real, it doesn't
matter if it's dubbed 'fantasy' because that's the furthest thing from our
thoughts, we are thinking about the characters as if we know them

Just some thoughts.