The Sun...

Mon Mar 3 16:35:51 PST 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:

> > Yesterday afternoon, in convalescent / slacking mode, I reread _The Sun,
> > The Moon, and The Stars_. I have this to say:
> Heh.  This one's on my "must read again as soon as I get
> a chance" list.  Very good book, for a variety of reasons.
> It's near the top of my "Coolest Steven Brust Books" list.

Hi, could someone post an appreciation of this book?  I read it without
getting anything out of it (well, the fairy tale aspect was sort of
interesting) and gave it to a friend who paints, figuring he might be able
to enjoy it.  In particular the scene about politics in art annoyed me,
and I was never much interested in the Monster.  Maybe I just need to be

- Philip