Tue Mar 4 07:58:52 PST 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Ryan Grove wrote:

@> Hmm. It would be interesting to learn where the rest of you are from. I 
@> wonder if we could find a pattern here.

I'm also from Boston, MA, although I lived in Ohio for a few years. As far
as I'm concerned, a shrug always includes lifting at least one shoulder
and rolling it back slightly and generally including a tilt of
the head (to the side of the shrug, if uni-armed). Extreme versions may
also involve the palm-up gesture, or eye-rolling. It's generally used to
indicate a lack of knowledge of or desire to discuss some topic, although
it may also indicate a willingness to accept whatever the other person
said unconditionally. In the latter case, it's generally followed by a
nod or some mumbling.