Boredom Relief Through Conspiracy....

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> > So, in an attempt to make the day go by a wee bit
> > quicker, I thought of another answer to the
> > "Who is Mario?" question....

Remember in _PG_ where they go after Kathana and Paarfi launches into a
diatribe about this really rotten play he saw one time where the main
character NEVER APPEARED ON STAGE but it wasn't going to be like that in
THIS story? I think Mario is that character. Only, of course since
Paarfi would NEVER do that, he does appear in _PG_. Just not in any of
the Vlad novels.

Mario as Loiosh is a cute idea but I don't think so. Hasn't it been
established that Aliera has had "contact" with Mario and Vlad just
missed seeing them together?