Kragar ?= Mario (Email Poll)

Tue Mar 4 14:37:20 PST 2003

Question 1: Kragar =? Mario
c) Mario  != Kragar

Question 2: Looish =? Mario
c) Mario  != Looish

Question 3: Rocza =? Mario
c) Mario  != Rocza

Question 4: Did Kragar start the Dragon-Jhereg war?[0]
b) No

Question 5: Who is the best in bed?
g) gentlemen don't tell

[0]: If memory serves, a Jhereg assassin killed a Dragonlord and
sheltered in the home of a dragonlord.  What if Kragar killed a
rival and wasn't noticed, causing an assassin to be blamed, then
was accused of sheltering in the home of a Dragonlord (his own)?

A: Superman would definitely beat the Hulk in a fair fight.

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