valerie at drizzle.com valerie at drizzle.com
Tue Mar 4 15:23:10 PST 2003


> Anyone caring about these sorts of issues probably wants to make sure
> to get coffee grown by a collective - to pick it up from the store on
> foot - to boil the water with - well, anyone who cares knows all this
> anyway and should probably just not drink coffee and use the money for
> something better.


(cliche warning)

better than coffee?  what is this mysterious product and why hasn't anyone
told those of us in seattle about it?


p.s. odds are, when i'm reading a brust book, i will get the urge to cook.
even in _gypsy_, when he is describing the miserable state of the main
character's kitchen.  it was something about the ketchup, i think.