Question about Devera

Wed Mar 5 12:37:11 PST 2003

At 03:03 PM 3/5/2003 -0500, Warlord wrote:
>I didn't say common, nor did I imply that it was not important; merely
>If the correct meaning gets to the recipient of the communication, then
>does the delivery method really matter ?

Interesting question, and worth a moment to look at.

If I tell you that I'll meet you at Joe's Coffee Shop at 8pm, and I do not 
show up until 9pm, I am telling you something: I am saying that my time is 
more important than yours.  I am saying that I am more important that 
you.  This is why, should that happen, I would rush to explain why the 
delay was unavoidable, or I would apologize for making you wait, or 
both.  The action sends a message.  If the message was unintended, it ought 
to be corrected.

If I require you to go through an unusual amount of work to decipher a 
message that could have been delivered in a straight-forward and simple 
manner, I am saying exactly the same thing as if I had arrived at our 
appointment an hour late.