Kragar ?= Mario (Email Poll)

Thu Mar 6 09:48:00 PST 2003

>>>>> I'll take Superman, the old Man of Steel, not what he is now (did 
>>>>> they
>>>>> change him back?).
>>>> Did you mean pre-Crisis, post-Crisis, or Superman 2: Electric 
>>>> Boogaloo?
>>> I meant the Electric version. Did they change him back? There is a
>>> God(s)!
>> Good heavens, they changed him back ages ago.  Then they made the
>> background of his chest shield black, and now they've changed that
>> back too.
>> (I don't agree that he's fully up to Pre-Crisis power levels, 
>> He can't move planets by blowing on them, nor travel between stars
>> under his own steam.  His powers have fluctuated a lot over the 
>> it's true.)
>Knowing this, I will bet on Superman to beat the Hulk easily.

Depends.  Is it being printed/written by DC or Marvel?
 Back in the eighties DC & Marvel published a spider/super team up.  Supes & Hulk brawled, it was a draw.  i.e. a push, the house wins.  I suspect the Jhereg put the fix in, specifically Don King aka The Demon

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