Question about Devera- Spinn-off Questions

Thu Mar 6 23:31:46 PST 2003

Spoiler Warning: these questions assume fairly complete knowlege of most of 
the Vlad books.

Keep going,

Now that Vlad seems to (so to speak) have become part of a Great Weapon, 
what is his life-span? (simply assuming Lady T protecting against all other 
types of death)

Morrollan and Aliera seem too young to be considered comparably, likewise 
Sethra Y. , and Sethra L. is already undead hence moot-

Baritt (the only comparable one I can think of right now) was assassinated 
("Permanently"- Yendi), but how well was he linked to Pathfinder- what I 
mean is, would he have aged and died naturally, or not?

Verra implies (Issola) that Blackwand "might well have done more than that," 
indicating that even though it might seemed as if Morrollan would have been 
killed permanently, it didn't necessarily follow. (E.G. Blackwand might have 
still preserved his soul somehow beyond the three day limit, or even 
revivified him on its (her?) own.) This raises doubts about Baritt-

Was Baritt not protected in that way? or did he "de-link" with Pathfinder to 
hide it in that Morganti greatsword? (Dragon)

In Dragon, it didn't seem as if Baritt had been assassinated- I don't recall 
exactly. Is it assumed (by House Dragon) that he did die naturally?

Just to banish boredom. ;)

James Griffin, Still Another Vlad faN

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