Question about Devera- Spinn-off Questions

Fri Mar 7 09:29:48 PST 2003

Spoilers ahead

>On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 02:31, James Griffin wrote:
> > Now that Vlad seems to (so to speak) have become part of a Great Weapon,
> > what is his life-span? (simply assuming Lady T protecting against all 
> other
> > types of death)
> >
> > Morrollan and Aliera seem too young to be considered comparably, likewise
> > Sethra Y. , and Sethra L. is already undead hence moot-
> >
> > Baritt (the only comparable one I can think of right now) was assassinated
> > ("Permanently"- Yendi), but how well was he linked to Pathfinder- what I
> > mean is, would he have aged and died naturally, or not?
> >
> > however,
> > Verra implies (Issola) that Blackwand "might well have done more than 
> that,"
> > indicating that even though it might seemed as if Morrollan would have 
> been
> > killed permanently, it didn't necessarily follow. (E.G. Blackwand might 
> have
> > still preserved his soul somehow beyond the three day limit, or even
> > revivified him on its (her?) own.) This raises doubts about Baritt-
> >
> > Was Baritt not protected in that way? or did he "de-link" with 
> Pathfinder to
> > hide it in that Morganti greatsword? (Dragon)
>Its been a long while since I've read Dragon, but from what I recall,
>Baritt may have had possession of Pathfinder, but he was not its
>owner/wielder/etc with all that entails.  I'm not even sure he was aware
>that he had the Greatweapon.  It always seemed to me as if Pathfinder
>had been hidden inside the greatsword before Baritt came into posession
>of the greatsword.

I would beg to disagree with the last point.  My recollection of Dragon is 
that people (Sethra, Morrollan, etc) suspected Barritt had a Great Weapon 
b/c, as they stated, he did things he shouldn't be able to do, like hold 
off whole armies by himself.



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