Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (no POTD spoilers)

Frank Mayhar frank at exit.com
Fri Mar 7 19:29:16 PST 2003

Philip Hart wrote:
> This is the basis for one of my too-oft-repeated snarks about Issola -
> Vlad is becoming too powerful to be interesting in non-comic-book
> scenarios.

To that I say:  Read Gaiman's Sandman series.  A character almost as powerful
as it gets, certainly godlike, but it was the _limitations_ on his power that
made the story interesting and the ending tragic.

(I can't believe I missed that for so long.  I finally discovered it, bought
all the books in quick succession, and devoured it.  With tears in my eyes
while reading part of "The Wake."  An amazing story.)

I certainly think that Steve here is the equal of Gaiman in the "finding
ways to screw his characters" arena.  I suspect Vlad will be screwed
interestingly and well. :-)
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