Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt (spoilers for POTD)

Sat Mar 8 15:16:51 PST 2003

On Sat, 8 Mar 2003, Teddywolf wrote:

> David Silberstein wrote:
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> > On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, James Griffin wrote:
> > >Spoiler Warning: these questions assume fairly complete knowlege of
> > >most of the Vlad books.
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> > Or in other words:  Vlad may live for a normal Easterner lifespan, for
> > another ~700 years, or indefinitely.  We don't know.  I wonder if
> > Steve knows?
> There are hints that if he doesn't die in a fight then his lifespan will be
> pretty long.  Quite aside from now being one of seventeen he's also a
> witch and a fairly skilled one.  In TPoTD the witch who initiated
> Morrolan into Verra's service lived quite a long life.  Barring her death
> in sequels she may easily still be the head of his circle of witches.

I believe we're told who the current head of the circle is in _Issola_,
and she's not the priestess from _PotD_.

> Now admittedly Noish-pa probably isn't that powerful and shows
> definite signs of age, and he's likely a better witch than his grandson,
> yet he seems to still be quite active for someone his age and could still
> hold his own in a duel.

Vlad is able to heal himself with trivial effort using LT (wonder how long
he'll be nine-fingered [by the way, is this a LotR reference? - if so note
that the ring conferred long life]) - something Aliera (a noted medic) and
Sethra (and Verra for that matter) couldn't do.  I would guess he can fix
up his telomeres or whatever is involved in aging with a little effort.

> Verra seemed to have an idea about Spellbreaker's true nature only
> when it coiled itself up in Issola, and at no time prior to that did she
> know in spite of being Goddess of Knowledge.  And yet the Serioli
> smith in Dragon recognized it instantly.

I have wondered why Spellbreaker hadn't previously snaked at tDG.  I think
in _I_ Vlad notes it has been acting freaky lately - presumably it has
some idea its time is come.  The Serioli from _D_ seems to have a similar
unphysical relation with time.  I wonder if constructing a GW involves a
Serioli soul as an essential ingredient.  Maybe that's why there are so
few - something I argued made little sense in my technosnark of a few
months ago - not enough volunteers...