Sun Mar 9 20:13:35 PST 2003

Following the Shruggage thread, I got to thinking about other non-verbal 
communication in Dragaera, and the grunt in particular. Several 
characters use the grunt in quite an expressive manner (Vlad, Kragar, 
G'aereth, for instance), although in Phoenix Guards the grunt and 
descriptions thereof are described in what seems to me a humorous 
manner. As far as I can tell, we're supposed to laugh at how expressive 
various characters make grunts and/or shrugs. So my issue is this: I 
actually fail every time I try to imagine how a grunt of assent or any 
other "expressive" grunt would sound in real life. When I see it used in 
print, however, the grunt works for me. I understand what is meant by 
it, and I enjoy the broad range of expression it can have in the 
different books; I can even imagine a character's facial expression as 
he performs this utterance. If I try to recreate a grunt in real life, 
however, it comes off as sounding as some type of respiratory distress. 
Am I strange? (Yes) Can people actually grunt a positive response? Or a 
negative one?

Jose Marquez
jhereg69 at earthlink.net