Concerning Great Weapons & Baritt

Mon Mar 10 10:16:13 PST 2003

Jag wrote:
 > On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 16:27, Dr. Elmo wrote:
 >>I wonder why Sethra became undead.  Probably a "we're not done with 
you yet
 >>missy, so don't think being dead gets you off the hook" thing with 
the gods.
 > Sethra said in one of the books that for the most part, that's why
 > people become undead.  Considering who she is, I got the distinct
 > impression that that definately included her.
 > But then there's still the question of Loraan coming back as an undead..

I've always felt that Loraan, being a powerful necromancer, would have
experimented with his own soul. Thus the rumors that he kept it in a box
(which I've noticed is a recurring theme for powerful sorcerers in many
stories). I don't know if Blackwand has some method of letting Morrolan 
know when he kills and it *doesn't* eat someone's soul, but Loraan 
keeping his soul somewhere other than his body explains his survival; 
Loraan being a powerful necromancer explains his ability to become 
undead. It might not even require a trip to Deathgate Falls; he could 
have been like, "well, I've done everything you can do while living, so 
now it's time to do things while dead." Sethra would know if one can 
become undead without the help of the Lords of Judgment; too bad we 
can't just ask her...

Jose Marquez
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